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How many times have you said ‘I’m so tired’ this week? If you’re tired of always feeling slow and sleepy, take a look at our top tips for getting an all-natural energy boost.

Get moving, sunshine: Head outside for a quick 10-minute walk on your lunch break. Getting some quick exercise and a hit of Vitamin D will reenergise you and give you the energy you need to take on the afternoon.

Stress less: stress is, not surprisingly, a big drain on your energy. If you can’t reduce the source of your stress, you can at least minimise the toll negative emotions have on you. Mindfulness or meditation daily helps clear your mind and saves your energy for other, less stressful things.

Snack on protein: Don’t reach for the chocolates or energy drinks, which give you a quick burst of energy followed by a big crash. Snacks high in protein like nuts or greek yoghurt sustain you for longer.

Avoid sugar: Sugary snacks might be tempting, but they give you a temporary spike of energy before a big crash. Not to mention how bad they are for you! Quitting sugar will even out your energy levels throughout the day, which means no more afternoon slumps! Switch the sugar you use in tea and coffee for Norbu for a quick and easy way to cut down on the sweet stuff.

Drink water: Pretty much every part of your body needs water to function properly. If you aren’t getting enough, you’ll notice yourself feeling sluggish and weary. Drink a big glass of water if you’re feeling tired, and make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Choose your carbs: Complex carbohydrates like wholemeal bread and pasta, brown rice, sweet potato and pumpkin keep your blood sugar stable and your energy constant. Avoid refined and processed carbohydrates as these have a higher GI, so won’t give you long lasting energy.  

Maximise magnesium: Magnesium is sometimes dubbed the ‘anti-stress’ mineral. Not getting enough magnesium can cause fatigue and possibly anxiety. Good sources of magnesium are green leafy vegetables, tofu and nuts.

Get enough sleep: This might not be the most mindblowing tip out there, but many of us don’t get enough sleep, even though we know we need to. You should be aiming for 8 hours to keep your body in good working order. Lack of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate the next morning, as well as weakening your immune system.


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