Monk Fruit

It’s a tiny superfruit with amazing sweetness – and you’ve probably never heard of it.

Monk fruit has been used for centuries, but this little fruit was hiding a big secret: its sweetness!

Yes, monk fruit packs a huge punch – it’s over 200 times sweeter than sugar! This is amazing news because it means you only need a tiny amount to make life a lot sweeter.

Monk fruit is native to the mountain regions of Northern Thailand and Southern China, where it’s known as luo han guo. It’s a small, green melon-like fruit that grows on a vine. It has been traditionally used to assist with digestion, cough and allergy relief. Recent research suggests that the antioxidants in monk fruit could help prevent cancer. That's a lot of good from one fruit!

Monk fruit can definitely help those who want to reduce sugar in their diets, as it’s sweet without the negative effects of sugar. The sweetness comes from naturally occuring antioxidants called mogrosides. This is a big breakthrough for anyone who loves the sweeter things in life, but not all the nasty side effects (so, pretty much everyone!)

That’s why we’ve developed Norbu. We’ve harnessed the amazing sweetening powers of monk fruit so that you can enjoy a great tasting natural sweetener with 96% less calories than sugar, no fructose and low GI. You can use Norbu just like you would use sugar in tea, coffee, smoothies and baking. And the best thing of all is that there's no bitter aftertaste. Monk fruit really is a super fruit!


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