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We all know “that 2:30 feeling” – when lunch seems too long ago and dinner time is far too far away and all motivation seems to leap itself out of the closest open window. Some of us reach for the closest cup of coffee, but most of us? Most of us go on our daily hunt for a sugar fix.

The drooping, dull office would just look so much brighter if there was a little sugar floating around. Just a small cake or cookie, or maybe a caramel Frappuccino, or a strawberry milkshake or –

It’s hard to resist what we think we want when we’re really exhausted. So to cheer you on through your sugar-free journey, we’ve put together a list of clever ways to kill your sugar cravings for good!

1.     Boost Your Serotonin

Serotonin is also known as “the happiness hormone”! In theory, it’s fairly easy to raise your serotonin, but in reality, it’s actually kind of tough. Getting a good amount of sleep, eating nutritious food, and getting exercise are all-natural ways to raise your serotonin levels. Not only will you feel happier, but you’ll also kick those cravings to the curb!

2.     Satisfy your sweet tooth – naturally

Norbu is a sweetener that is 100% natural. It’s made from monk fruit and contains absolutely nothing artificial. It contains 96% less calories than sugar, has a low GI (glycaemic index) so won’t spike your blood sugar levels, and doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that a lot of other sweeteners have. You can use it, just how you would use sugar, so making the switch to something more natural is super easy!

3.     Drink lots of water

Most of the time when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty. If you aren’t yet getting in your two litres of water a day, then start now if you want to say goodbye to those sugar cravings. Drinking water (and other sugar-free fluids like tea) regularly throughout the day can help you feel fuller for longer, help you feel less tired and more alert, and will help stop sugar cravings in their tracks!

4.     Meditate

It might sound a little bit of a kooky option, but meditating can seriously help kill your cravings. There are even guided meditations to help with exactly this! If you’re new to meditation, it’s basically a method to clear the mind of any “junk”, and to purify the thoughts. It’s just sitting and being quiet for a short amount of time each day. Clearing your mind of junk can help you on your way to clearing your diet of junk, as you set the intention to live a pure and healthy lifestyle in your meditations each day.

5.     Get some sleep

Try to get enough sleep. Although we know it’s difficult a lot of the time, it’s very important. Not only will getting enough sleep help you gain mental clarity, it will also help you fight your battles against sugar. If you’re letting your body regain enough energy through sleep, you won’t find yourself looking for energy from other sugary sources so often.

6.     Eat REAL food

When you get a craving, your body is actually calling for more energy. And it’s much, MUCH better to fuel your body with nutritious energy, than with empty, fattening calories. So eat some real food!

Here are some great, nutritious foods that will give you long-lasting energy, and at the same time, beat those sugar cravings by filling you up with goodness:

·       Eggs – full of B vitamins and vitamin D, a great source of protein, good fats (which will help you feel fuller for longer), iron and lots of other great minerals.

·       Edamame – another one packed with b vitamins, but also copper and phosphorous (which helps you process carbs and fat). They’re another great source of protein, and are super tasty with a little salt – and if you’re feeling adventurous, throw in some garlic and chilli!

·       Peanut Butter – there are loads of healthy ways to get this good stuff in. Have it on a slice of wholemeal toast topped with fresh berries, or mix with some yoghurt and dip some apples in. However you eat it you’ll be getting in antioxidant vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B6. Just be sure to pick the sugar- and palm oil-free kind!

So next time you feel “that 2:30 feeling” coming on, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to kick those sugar cravings in the butt, and get on with your life completely sugar free!


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