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Trying to reduce the amount of sugar that you consume can seem really daunting, especially as it seems to be everywhere you turn. But we’re here to help, and here are 7 easy swaps you can make to switch sugar out of your diet.

1.     Ditch the fizz

Swap fizzy soda drinks for water. If you’re feeling cheated of flavour, just try infusing your water with fruit. Go classic lemon and lime, or try some more exciting combinations such as strawberry and mint, or watermelon and basil.

2.     Eat fruit, not juice

It’s said that drinking juice counts as one of your daily portions of fruit. However, when you opt for the liquid fruit form you lose out on some really great and essential nutrients like fibre that you can only get from eating the whole fruit. Water is really the best thirst quencher, and eating whole fruits is better for your bod.

3.     Come to the dark side

If chocolate is the main suspect of your sugar crimes, then switch out sugary milk choc for a darker variety, which has a surprising number of health benefits too. Dark chocolate with higher flavanol levels can protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and cocoa polyphenols can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, you get a much better choco-hit with dark choc, meaning you get more for your bite!

4.     Sweeten it right

If you like yourself a comforting hot beverage in the morning (and afternoon… and evening…) make sure you sweeten it the right way. Rather than loading up on the white stuff to get your drink just right, switch to a sweetener (such as Norbu) to perfect your beverage. With 96% less calories than sugar, a low GI and 100% natural, you can’t feel bad about adding a scoop…or three!

5.     Dress salads in style

When it comes to trying to eat a healthy, balanced diet, salads seem to be the best way to go. But if you’re like most of us and can’t face the thought without a little dressing, then make sure you dress your salad in style by making your own, rather than opting for a store-bought option. You’d be shocked at the amount of sugar hidden in ready-prepped dressings, and by making it from scratch you can stay in control of your consumption.

6.     Go plain and gain

Most brands of flavoured yoghurt have a staggering amount of sugar – often up to as much as a bar of chocolate. Avoid at all costs! And opt for plain or greek yoghurt with no surprises, and add in your own fruit to top it off. Wonderfully satisfying, and a much cleaner eat!

7.     Master Chef!

If it comes in a box, it probably has added sugar. Most processed foods have had sugar added to enhance their flavours, and make them taste fresher than they really are. The best way to cut out these added sugars is to become the master chef! Just kidding – but learning a few basic recipes like this one will really help

So, there you have it, 7 easy ways to switch sugar out of your diet. Now you’re armed to conquer the evil white stuff, and start on your path to sugar-free greatness!


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