Boost your immune system naturally

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There’s lots of things we like about winter, but one thing we definitely don’t like is the sniffles and coughs that come with it. The bad news? There’s no one special ingredient that will magically keep you safe from catching that dreaded cold. The good news? There are some easy, natural ways to support your immune system and make sure it’s match-ready for the winter months.

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Gut Health, Bloating and You

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Did you know that your gut is responsible for more than just digesting your dinner? The human gut plays a key role in the immune system, as well as weight control, mental health and overall wellbeing. It’s so important, that it’s sometimes referred to the ‘second brain’.

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5 Autumn Health Tips

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The nights are longer, the air is cooler, and we’re getting the extra blankets out of the cupboard…that’s right, autumn is well and truly here. It’s the season of staying inside and eating comfort food, so how do you stay healthy when you just want to curl up with a piece of cake?


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5 Ways to Stay Healthy Over Easter

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Easter and giving up chocolate don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. Easter eggs, hot cross buns and an entire long weekend full of good food and drink is fun, but for those of us watching what we eat, it can be less relaxing than we would hope. Here’s our top 5 tips for keeping healthy over the Easter break – and yes, you still get to have some chocolate!

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