What is Norbu?

Norbu natural sweetener about norbu

  • Norbu is an easy and natural way to remove sugar and artificial sweeteners from your life. Give up sugar – not sweetness! It is made from 100% natural ingredients and tastes great! We are so confident you’ll love the taste we are offering a money back guarantee!
  • Unlike other sweeteners such as Rice malt syrup, agave, and other “unrefined sugars”, Norbu contains zero fructose and has no impact on blood glucose levels making it perfect for diabetics and others trying to get away from fructose
  • Norbu is a granular sugar powder that is the same size and weight as sugar, so you can use it exactly as you would sugar as a 1: 1 replacement in all your recipes and in the sugar bowl at home. You wont even know and either will your family!
  • Norbu has a taste that matches sugar incredibly closely. Both from a sweetness level, but also from an aftertaste perspective. It follows the same profile as sugar unlike other sweeteners which gives it an unmatched sugar experience.
  • Norbu utilises the great taste of monk fruit. Unlike other sweeteners, monk fruit provides a fantastic sweetness but without any aftertaste. Some say it tastes even better than sugar!
  • Read more about monk fruit here


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