Our Story

Norbu natural sweetener our philoshophy

The founding of Norbu was based on trying to deal with a Fructose malabsorbtion diagnosis.

For all of you out there who don't know about fructose malabsorbtion – it basically means you can’t eat anything with fructose – which now days is near impossible – and incredibly limiting.

This meant giving up all the sweet things (and lots of other things as well!) which is a massive compromise in life. Having a huge sweet tooth and believing there had to be a solution, we tried a number of different options but no no avail. Artificial sweeteners were just not an option for obvious reasons and unfortunately the taste of stevia wasn’t to our liking. We believed that there had to be a solution which didn't involve compromise.

Enter Monk Fruit!

When we found monk fruit's fantastic sweet taste and with no bitter aftertaste, we knew that it was a winner. We had cracked the code as we could keep our love of sweet going, but without the fructose, calories, or anything other nasties!

Welcome monk fruit and welcome Norbu!

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